Hiatus: 2020 Is For The Birds

I’ve written at least thirty articles to post here and not one of them has made it. Not one of them has bubbled to the surface the important bits of turmoil 2020 has brought. 2020 is for the birds. It’s been a reminder of how stifling America is for othered folks. Not only that, but […]

What’s Been Cooking at Thicker Grits?

As you all know, we’re new to the blogging world. Honestly, there’s a bit of imposter syndrome with that, too.  Thicker Grits started about a year ago as a spin-off discussion about racism.  Born in the belly of my dissertation, the blog was developed as a way to pull together othered folks in spite of social norms that identify […]

Finding Your #Boss Crew

We all want the people we surround ourselves with the boss in all areas of life. We want our friends to shake the world and silently step in inspiration. When it comes to selecting partners, we tend to develop extensive checklists of incredible standards against which we measure the people we date. (S)he must look […]

The Sisterlocks Post

I find that one of the most authentic modes of expression is my hair. As a weaver of micro-sized locs, I am often asked questions about my hair.  Rather failing to acknowledge the freedom of locs, I thought I’d take a moment to share about my hair journey and some general information on Sisterlocks and […]

Bar Music, Bold

I spent Thanksgiving in Austin, Texas with a family that celebrates. Now, this is different for me. I grew up recognizing Thanksgiving as a day of communal mourning– understanding the holiday to represent a time for reflection on the sacrifice of our Native ancestors and on the continued and unspoken suffering of Native elders, brothers […]