Hiatus: 2020 Is For The Birds

I’ve written at least thirty articles to post here and not one of them has made it. Not one of them has bubbled to the surface the important bits of turmoil 2020 has brought. 2020 is for the birds. It’s been a reminder of how stifling America is for othered folks. Not only that, but […]

What Is Fire?

We talk a lot about FIRE on this blog. I can only imagine the various definitions folks are really putting behind this concept and wanted to take a minute to unpack the concept. For those asking what FIRE really is, this is an article just for you. What is FIRE? The FIRE movement is was […]

Goals For A Life of Freedom

As in any time of transition, I’ve come to a point where I have to reassess and refresh my strategic goals. This means, with my major professional change, it’s time to take another look at my own strategic plan for my life. Where do I want to end up, how do I plan to get […]

Finding the Opportunity In A Layoff

As many of you know, I am not a full-time writer. In fact, I am struggling with a bit of imposter syndrome in terms of whether I consider myself a writer at all. I am an advisor, coach, and technical expert. I’ve continued to consult with local, state, federal, and global organizations on performance and […]

Struggle in the FIRE

I admit it—I’m a bit of a FIRE stalker. I mean, I’ve been lurking in the FIRE community for a minute, indulgently taking in the content of countless podcasts and blogs, and even generating a bit of my own. So, when Playing with FIRE premiered in my city with the original cast, I had to […]

Reframing for Abundance

I started my financial journey years ago. Before I began this journey, though, I started learning myself. I figured out what I enjoyed, started confronting and dealing with past traumas, and ultimately, working on myself. Part of this self-improvement process, though, was rooted in better understanding my context, my desires, how I defined success and […]