Tackling Writer’s Block

I’ve had two teachers who have changed my life. The first of these two intersected with my life at a relatively early point. When I was in high school, I had an English teacher— a handsome older man with more salt in his combover than pepper. He was hilariously grumpy and smoked a pipe in […]

The Key to Fast-Tracking Your Dissertation

As doctoral students, we live for our dissertations. That is, anything we can do to ensure that our research is successful, we do it. This may include doing research or teaching grunt work in exchange for data or letters of support, living on an income that is below a living wage, and/or setting up systems […]

How to Start a Race Class

How to Start a Safe Discourse on Race, Gender & Intersectionality I start my classes by asking how a toilet works. Seriously. Try it. Ask each person in your class to raise a hand if they know how a toilet works. Then, ask how many of those people are sure. Watch hands drop. Then ask […]