Power in Being: Kicking Off the Grind in Our First 90 Days

Welcome to Thicker Grits!

We are so glad to be with you. Thank you for joining us as we begin to deliver on our vision of changing the game through real talk and communal encouragement. Trust, what’s in store is both big and rewarding. Thicker Grits is excited to offer a uniting voice, bridging othered communities across common experiences of perseverance and success, and provide resources and articles on health and wellness (posted in the release category of the blog), culture and home (cultivate), education (imbibe) and work and wealth (grit).

As you can probably imagine, to do this, this team has to coalesce around big goals and a bigger mission: using our experiences in a full embodiment of sankofa. Through that work, we aim to help you to achieve the plenty in your promise! In these first 90 days, we have set two primary goals.

First, we want to launch the collective with a clear and unique brand, refreshing and relevant content, and a purpose rooted in community, social justice, and equity. We want to bring you life and encourage you to shine on! Through our site, WisdomKeepers can opt to share their knowledge through authentic storytelling to impact growth and progress across the village: your success is our success.

Next, we want to ramp up strong, delivering at least 30 articles in the first 90 days! This is a serious goal for our team members who balance he work for this collective with daytime teaching, coaching, consulting and trailblazing. I’m trying to meet this goal, we hope to give you what you want to read. Let us know what you’re interested in, or submit your thoughts or creativity for publication!

We’re sharing these goals to include you in our process— we are one Village after all. Hold us accountable!

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