Remembering the Children: A Meditation

We learned from our own struggles that every child deserves a champion: someone to remind them that they were chosen, not happenstance. Someone to indicate that their purpose is greatness. Each child deserves to know that they are someone special, always have been and are growing better with time– that they deserve the great things […]

How to Start a Race Class

How to Start a Safe Discourse on Race, Gender & Intersectionality I start my classes by asking how a toilet works. Seriously. Try it. Ask each person in your class to raise a hand if they know how a toilet works. Then, ask how many of those people are sure. Watch hands drop. Then ask […]

Preparing for An Economic Downturn

We see the country freak out every time stocks quiver, but we know the deal– the overall (global) trend is in an upward market trajectory.  Still, weathering the hills and valleys can be a bit unnerving, particularly in the tougher times. So what steps can be taken to prepare yourself, your family, and your finances […]

Financial Advisors for the Rest of Us

Coming up, we didn’t really have full discussions about money. It was clear when we didn’t have much– when food was tight or when one of us needed to step up more than the others– but we didn’t have family strategy sessions about how to save or make money.  We didn’t learn the basics. We […]