12 Power Statements for A Successful and Aligned Year

Every year, I try to determine which statements of affirmation will shape my journey. Throughout the year, these statements help to keep me motivated and adjust my frame of thinking. At the end of the day, these statements drive my success.

Looking for something to help maintain your drive? Here are twelve power statements to help get you started.

Yes! Follow you path to success by accepting opportunities that can further your journey, even if the task takes you beyond you comfort zone!

No! Establish boundaries and prioritze your time. Learn to value your time and energy, and once you’ve established your own worth, learn to say no to people, places and things that do not align with your own mission or value.

I don’t know, but I can find out! Humility can make or break a leader, but taking that humility a step further and incorporating your own curiosity and tenacity can open the lane for your journey.

What do you think? Invite open-ended questions into your world. By doing so, you also welcome new places for innovation, collaboration and creativity.

What questions do you have? Rather than asking if someone has questions—limiting their response to yes or no, and often forcing them to answer on the spot—presenting this as an open-ended question with implied space for thinking establishes a different interactive space, and often, presnts different results. Try it out!

How can I do better or further this project differently? Invite criticism, framing the presentation as constructive with your own question, and welcome advice of others you’re working with? Further, inviting an internal question of how you can think of something differentl also pushes your projects and/or research to a new level. You’ll be able to frame things beyond your most intuitive space, and open your world to a new line of thought.

Live for your obituary and not for your resume. The core question is does what you’re doing bring you joy? With this open inquiry, you allow for a new line of thinking and help to serve as a check-in to ensure that you are aligning your personal mission with each of other contributing decisions and activities that make up your work.

Fail fast, frequently and small. But not only can you implement this statement, but be sure to walk away from each failure with a clear view of your key take away. What did you learn?

Abundance is within reach!/Why not me? Always. Abundance is possible, and there is never a legitimate reason as to why you are not or cannot be the individual to achieve the highest level of success. You are worthy of your own dream, and even then, your abundance is within reach.

Like water (ebb and flow). Come to peace with the concept that all things in life are like water—they ebb and flow. This natural change is not only beyond your control, but it is naturally cyclical. What is to be is to be, and the best way to manage this vast and mighty force is to flow with it.

But joy in the meantime! It’s true—the struggle is real. But, even in the midst of struggle, remember joy in the meantime.

The blessing is in the journey. No matter how the story ends, you as a wisdomkeeper, learn the most along the way. From that wisdom, you also may come to understand the best gift in the overall journey is all you learn along the way.


What sentiments or power statements do you invoke to push your success?

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