Quick Ideas for Self-care When Time is of the Essence


Sometimes we just don’t have the time, but the battle between life and our being demands that we take a moment to do something for ourselves. Here are a few quick ideas for self-care when time is of the essence.

  1. Meditation in place. That is, understand that taking a moment to understand your current state of being, quiet and focus your mind, and breathe. Deeply. Let it all go. With that, breath, let all of your tension out.  If you have never done this before, find a podcast for a guided meditation that you like and make it a personal goal to learn to meditate on your own. If meditation in place– at work, in class, or at home– doesn’t quite feel right (it will be an effort at first), then consider setting time aside at the beginning, middle or end of your day to simply be still and quiet in spite of whatever may be happening around you.

  2. Eat something sweet. Clementines and mandarin oranges (whole fruit) are great options for small pieces of sweet fruit that travel well and can offer sweet release. If you’re home and are looking for something cold, consider frozen grapes, cherries or pineapple pieces instead.  

  3. Drink water: set and meet a goal. One of the greatest aspects of self-care I’ve taken part in is setting goals for myself for water intake and making a point to meet them. These goals can be set by time of day (for example, drink a third of the gallon of water by 10:00 AM) or a whole-gallon goal for the entire day.

  4. Stretch. Sometimes stretching can not only relieve your muscles of tension but it can also make you feel really quite excellent. Consider reaching around yourself, giving yourself a hug and using the stretch as an excuse.

  5. Write how you’re feeling. That is, don’t internalize what’s going on and find an outlet. For me, it’s writing, but for you it may be art or music. Either way, express yourself!

  6. Take a quick walk. Quick as in short, and quick as in brisk. This gets the blood circulating, releases endorphins, and supports short- and long-term physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Something as simple as taking a brisk walk as part of your daily routine– breaking up your morning or afternoon workday, for example, or splitting your classes with a quick walk around the building– can help to prevent chronic disease, and assist in making you smile. Promise, you’ll feel better afterwards.  Because, science.

  7. Send a feel-good text. Sometimes making someone else smile, or sharing a little light, can be enough to bring a little light to your day.

  8. Revisit your goals. Remember what you want for your life, how you plan to get there, and the great things you’ve done so far to step into your blessing. So much of greatness is having the audacity to plan for it, and the foolishness to move in that direction, unshaken. Be great. Unshaken. Out loud.

  9. Revisit your “why.” Uncover your motivations–  why you’re doing something, why you’re present, etc. Sometimes, just understanding your purpose is enough to pull your day to a new level.

  10. Revisit your impact statement. Define what trail you want to burn, who that trail is to lead, and what difference it will make in the world. Scrawl it on a sheet of paper, and use it to remind yourself of your own power in each and every moment you breathe!

Sometimes making someone else smile, or sharing a little light, can be enough to bring a little light to your day.

What do you do for self-care when you just don’t have a lot of time?

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