A Meditation: Finding Grit

I learned a poem in college under circumstances I’d rather not repeat. While, at the time, memorizing anything on top of my overfilled course load was beyond anything I’d hoped to do, I have to acknowledge the role this wisdom has played in my life. In the darkest of times, I often forgot what resilience […]

Getting Back to the Joy in Your Money

Marie Kondo has been a trending topic for a minute. Folks are taking their whole lives, throwing them into piles in the middle of the room, and throwing them out with the trash in order to better align their living spaces with their joy, find calm and pursue peace. But as you go through the […]

Tackling Writer’s Block

I’ve had two teachers who have changed my life. The first of these two intersected with my life at a relatively early point. When I was in high school, I had an English teacher— a handsome older man with more salt in his combover than pepper. He was hilariously grumpy and smoked a pipe in […]

Rules to Live By for a Decluttered Life

It’s clear that keeping a clean, decluttered and organized space can assist with alignment and goal achievement, but how does one go about creating and maintaining that space? We’ve gathered some of the most critical habits that can help you to declutter your life.  Implemented on an ongoing basis, these rules can ensure that you […]

How A Doula Could Save Your Life

As research shows, Black women across all wealth categories have a higher prevalence of stress than do other groups, is measured by exposure and coping. This phenomenon is noted as the “weathering” theory, which then connects exposure and adaptation to stressors (most likely caused by socially imposed race-consciousness, racism, marginalization, and/or tensions related to discrimination) […]

I Peep the Hype, But What’s A Coach?

I believe that it takes a village, that the village is and should be curated and that membership in the village is fully tri-directional. There are two people in the relationship that elect to build and grow with one another (to be present for one another) and that with that presence comes an inherent responsibility […]

The Key to Fast-Tracking Your Dissertation

As doctoral students, we live for our dissertations. That is, anything we can do to ensure that our research is successful, we do it. This may include doing research or teaching grunt work in exchange for data or letters of support, living on an income that is below a living wage, and/or setting up systems […]