Lessons From Sheroes: How Reclaiming Your Time Can Fast Track Your Progress

Senator Maxine Waters is everybody’s Auntie, having made headlines last year with her irreverent dismissal of the status quo in favor of her time. That is, she made meme status by formally telling those she disagreed with, “boo, we ain’t got time’ for that,” effectively “bye Felicia”-ing their nonsense.

Well, regardless of our individual politics, it is clear that Auntie Maxine has lived a long and accomplished life in her time, has earned wisdom of some basic concepts that have helped me to put it all in perspective (and I’d like to share a bit of that with you). In reclaiming her time, Senator Waters reminds us that each moment of effort is an investment and that we have the full capability of not only choosing our investments but steering them.

For those of us in any space, this investment cannot be made lightly. In fact, retaining as much time as possible can drastically improve our bottom lines and fast-track our progress towards productivity and profitability goals.  By reducing time spent on menial tasks through outsourcing, we have increased the efficacy and value of our efforts. In healthcare, we call this concept, working to the individual license, ringing loudly the simple question: are you spending your time doing tasks that bring you (or your business) the greatest value, and require your specialized perspective? If both of these conditions are not met and you have the flexibility to sustain outsourced assistance, allow someone for whom both of these things ring true to complete the tasks.

In our daily lives, these outsourced efforts may include gaining help with cleaning the home or landscaping services. Or even, spanning across personal and business, the biggest advancement can come from a virtual assistant who writes cards on your behalf, maintains you online presence, brand or blog, or assists you with a job search. Maybe this assistance comes from family members doing chores or friends doing favors, but ultimately outsourcing is sometimes more efficient and effective than personal energy.


Do you outsource in your daily lives? What does that look like for you? Have you found it to help or hurt you in your process? Is the financial sacrifice (if any) worth it?  

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