12 Power Statements for Your Life & Work

I learned early on that words have power. That is, speaking things into existence, learning lessons by activating specific phrases, and adjusting my language to better align with my sentiments added dynamic movement to my personal and professional trajectory. In times where I needed motivation, I learned how to speak life unto my world. When I lacked a bit of confidence, I could shift my language to better highlight the powerful things I hoped to do in the world. And finally, when I needed to solidify a life lesson, adjusting my language to suit the novel sentiment helped me to do and be better, wiser, and more clearly pointed towards success.

As this has been an interesting year—full of accomplishment and quandary– I thought to dive a bit deeper into the power statements that have motivated growth in both life and work as of recent. I wanted to develop statements that spoke life into my work, whispered passion into my days and reminded me what was important. They part of my daily whispers, and they are strategically placed in spaces where I can see, speak, and feel their sentiments at regular intervals.

 In hopes that they might offer a starting point for your own power, here are 12 power statements that have kept me going this year:

  • Yes! I’ve learned to be deliberate in my work while following the path to success, as it grows, shifts, and changes.
  • No! Learn to draw your boundaries and stay true to your priorities. “No” is a complete sentence, and is often one that we neglect to use, personally and professionally.
  • I don’t know, but I can find out! Acquire humility in acknowledging your limits while demonstrating your drive to accomplish and serve as more.
  • What do you think? Invite collaboration at and all turns: fresh ideas and approaches can and will enhance your work and worldview
  • How can I do better? We all have room to do better: to enhance our worldview, impact the people and spaces around us differently. Constructive criticism can and will make you a better friend, partner, employee, leader and overall person. Embrace it.
  • What questions do you have? By shifting inquiry from invitation to expectation, you have offered the greatest investment you can into the space around you: you are holding others’ to standard.   
  • Live for the obituary and not the resume. Shift your framework to be fully present, taste each moment, and savor the experience.
  • Fail fast, frequently and small. How you learn from those failures is the best indicator of your growth, development and promise.
  • Like water (ebb and flow). Sometimes it’s hard to move in the way life pulls you: it can feel like your direction isn’t in your control. But what if there’s something greater for you at the end of the lesson or experience? Learn to move like water—to incorporate the ebb and flow into your relationships, your professional trajectory, and your personal life—and reap more than you’ve sewn.
  • Why not me? Better is within reach. There is no evidence that the next greatness can’t be yours.
  • [The struggle is real,] but joy in the meantime/Blessings in the journey. Taking a moment to acknowledge struggle is critical to supporting your own emotional and intellectual wellbeing. Still, rest in the joy in the midst—there’s always a glimmer. Revel in the blessings in the journey.
  • Yours in service. No matter what you do, remember that you are but a tool of change. Do whatever it is you do with passion and heart. Leave a bit of yourself there. But always do it in service.

What power statements get you going and keep you pressing on?

Thicker Grits

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