Finding the Opportunity In A Layoff

As many of you know, I am not a full-time writer. In fact, I am struggling with a bit of imposter syndrome in terms of whether I consider myself a writer at all. I am an advisor, coach, and technical expert. I’ve continued to consult with local, state, federal, and global organizations on performance and […]

Revisiting Original Places: A Meditation

I was recently able to share a bit of history with my new husband. The trip to rural Virginia was a momentous emotional journey. Here, I thought to share a bit of the story, the peace it brought, and the joy experiencing it revealed. I appreciate the safety this forum offers for sharing meditations like […]

What’s Been Cooking at Thicker Grits?

As you all know, we’re new to the blogging world. Honestly, there’s a bit of imposter syndrome with that, too.  Thicker Grits started about a year ago as a spin-off discussion about racism.  Born in the belly of my dissertation, the blog was developed as a way to pull together othered folks in spite of social norms that identify […]