What’s Been Cooking at Thicker Grits?

As you all know, we’re new to the blogging world. Honestly, there’s a bit of imposter syndrome with that, too.  Thicker Grits started about a year ago as a spin-off discussion about racism.  Born in the belly of my dissertation, the blog was developed as a way to pull together othered folks in spite of social norms that identify us as different. Now, while I’m literally writing a book about this (and the linked impact of racism at the individual, intergenerational/population and global levelsthere is an incredible amount of information that we miss out on due to the long-standing, intergenerational and traumatic impact of being othered (as people and as individuals).  

Anyway, back to the point— Thicker Grits is new, which means this is the year of exposure.  We don’t do a tremendous amount of marketing (which will have to change to ensure folks in the community know we exist) but we are part of the blogosphere. This is our first year attending and presenting at BlerdCon 2019, attending Audacity Fest 2019 in Memphis* and attending FinCon 2019. We are so incredibly pumped to be part of these events— to network with so many bright minds and meaningful platforms. We are talking on guest features on super popular podcasts and having some real and serious discussions with influencers and policymakers and knowledge builders.  

Today is the first day of FinCon. Our schedule is overflowing with awesome panels, serious networking and wisdom we are just brimming with excitement to share with you.  We’ll be sure to take a moment each day to give highlights of each day, give a glimpse into the connections we make, and give a summary of the inspired content to come. 

As we continue to build and grow, connect you with meaningful content and build with other big brains in the blogging biz, we can’t forget to include what you’re both needing to read and wanting to touch on. Our goal is to assert our voices, share meaningful knowledge and unpack the rest while keeping balance in the midst of the storm.    

Suggestions? Let us know what content you want to read or what questions you have! 


*Audacity Fest is a festival hosted by the NOMADNESS Travel Tribe and is in line with our Release section of the blog, where the multi-day gathering’s program content is geared towards assisting the sharing of culture among Black and Brown global explorers. We’ll keep you posted on all of the things we do and learn at Audacity Fest!

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