Feature: The Psychology of Poverty — How Adversity Taught Me The Lessons I Needed To FIRE

Hey family,

I did a thing! After the interview at ChooseFI, I had the amazing opportunity to do a guest post over at Financial Mechanic. This one dug a bit into the mechanics of the ways struggle changes our DNA, and lists out a few steps in transforming struggle into alignment and success on the journey to FIRE.  

Here’s a little snippet of the post:

I wasn’t a stranger to heatless winters and a hungry belly coming up. My mom would do her best to make sure I ate dinner but I got tired of seeing her scrambling for my crumbs and drinking warm water to try to fill her belly. So by the time I hit seven, I was choosing to skip meals at home so that she could have them.

I wasn’t new to resoling my shoes with cardboard or a stack of paper bags and a plastic grocery bag, or playing eenie-meenie-miney-moe with the utility bills. While I didn’t have to do my homework under a street light, I did go to in local bookstores to access books I couldn’t afford, or visit graduate libraries in order to use their computers for my elementary school homework. When I was done, I went home to crawl under the one lamp we clicked to read my book. See, sacrifice was just what we did. It was a means to an end, and we did it as a family, for one another.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the sacrifice that was our daily life was exactly what would set me up for FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) later on.

Head on over to Financial Mechanic to learn more about HOW.

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