The Thicker Grits Bibliography

Our Most Impactful Reading


Village, we do a lot of syllabus building and curriculum development at Thicker Grits.  As bibliophiles and walking brains, we love to read content that speaks to both our intellect and our experiences. Because we not only teach the academic analysis and understanding of critical race theory, intersectionality and equity, the Thicker Grits team has pulled together a collaborative working list of our favorite go-to resources in a single post. This list is intended to guide exploration and further thinking in topics relevant to our lives and our work. You can find some of our facorites here. Also, please feel free to send us citations or links to any impactful works we may have missed!


  • Afford Anything
  • Dave Ramsey Show
  • Farnoosh Torabi, So Money
  • The Moth
  • Ear Hustle
  • 2 Dope Queens
  • Still Processing
  • On Being

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Casual & Creative Works

On Money, Work and Wealth

Academic Reading: Books

On The Global Context

Academic Reading: Articles

  • Omi, M., & Winant, H. (2008). Once more, w
  • ith feeling: Reflections on racial formation. PMLA, 123(5), 1565-1572.
  • From the Angela Davis Reader – “Women and Capitalism: Dialectics of Oppression and Liberation,” “Racism in the Woman Suffrage Movement” – Women, Race & Class – Angela Y. Davis
  • Collins, P. H. (1986). Learning from the outsider within: The sociological significance of Black feminist thought. Social problems, 33(6), s14-s32.
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  • Corrigendum to “Breaking the prejudice habit: Mechanisms, timecourse, and longevity”.
    PS Forscher, C Mitamura, EL Dix, WTL Cox, PG Devine Elsevier Science
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  • Breaking the prejudice habit: Mechanisms, timecourse, and longevity
    PS Forscher, C Mitamura, EL Dix, WTL Cox, PG Devine Journal of experimental social psychology 72, 133-146
  • Mental Health of Immigrants and Refugees
  • When black death goes viral, it can trigger PTSD-like trauma
  • How the Heroin Epidemic Differs in Communities of Color
  • Bowleg, L. (2012). The problem with the phrase women and minorities: intersectionality—an important theoretical framework for public health.American journal of public health, 102(7), 1267-1273.
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Viewing & Listening:  Talks & Video

  • Angela Lee Duckworth, Grit: The Power of Perseverance
  • Browne Brown, Tge Power of Vulnerability
  • The Power of Introverts, Susan Cain.
  • Bryan Stevenson, We new to tAlk about an injustice
  • Watch “The End of Poverty?”-
  • Janet Stovall, How to get serious about Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kimberlé Crenshaw, the urgency of intersectionality
  • Dorothy Roberts, The problem with race-based medicine
  • Dena Simmons, how students of color confront imposter syndrome
  • Priya Vulchi, Winona Guo; what it takes to be racially literate
  • Gabby Rivera, The story of Marvel’s first queer Latina superhero
  • Tamekia MizLadi Smith, How to train employees to have difficult conversations
  • Luvvie Ajayi, get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • David R Williams,  how racism makes us sick
  • Miriam Zoila Pérez, how racism harms pregnant women- and what can help
  • Jamila Lyiscott, ways to speak English
  • Yoruba Richen, what the gay rights movement learned from the Civil Rights Movement
  • Thelma Golden, how art gives shape to cultural change

Our Favorite TED Talks

On Grit

On Success

On Home & Culture

On Health & Wellness

Viewing and Listening: TV, Music and Film

Film & TV will be covered more explicitly in a separate post/downloadable tool, but we wanted to post some impressive works here.

  • Ashutosh Gowariker, Lagaan (2001), film.
  • Richard Price and Steve Zaillian, The Night Of (2016), TV series.
  • Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly (2015), album.
  • Terry George, Hotel Rwanda (2004), film.
  • Peter Sollet, Raising Victor Vargas (2002), film.
  • David Simon, The Wire (2002-2008), TV series.
  • CocoRosie, “Child Bride” (2013), song.

Has there been an article, talk or podcast that has moved you? Let us know!