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Finding Your #Boss Crew

We all want the people we surround ourselves with the boss in all areas of life. We want our friends to shake the world …


Tackling Writer’s Block

I've had two teachers who have changed my life. The first of these two intersected with my life at a relatively early point. When …


12 Power Statements for Your Life & Work

I learned early on that words have power. That is, speaking things into existence, learning lessons by activating specific phrases, and adjusting my language …


Struggle in the FIRE

I admit it—I’m a bit of a FIRE stalker. I mean, I’ve been lurking in the FIRE community for a minute, indulgently taking in …

Reframing for Abundance

I started my financial journey years ago. Before I began this journey, though, I started learning myself. I figured out what I enjoyed, started …

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